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3 Reasons to Hire a Content Marketing Manager

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Are you interested in learning the most popular reasons to hire a content marketing manager?

In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition. And one key strategy able to give you an edge is effective content marketing.

In this article, we'll take a look at three reasons to hire a content marketing manager.

Increase Traffic & Brand Awareness

A content marketing manager can help you create and distribute content that will attract new visitors to your website, blog, and social media channels.

Search engine optimized content with open and honest answers to the questions your customers are asking will increase traffic to your website and build brand awareness.

During my career, I've seen how content marketing can lead to dramatic increases in website traffic for brands who publish consistent high-quality content.

At Jack in the Box & Del Taco, my goal was to publish at least four new blog articles per week along with updating the other pages of our franchising websites.

Google took notice of the more than 100 blog articles I wrote during my first year. This brought in a 75% increase in website traffic along with an 85% jump in leads.

Generate Leads & Sales

Receiving a ton of new visitors to your website is great, but it really doesn't move the needle unless they are turning into qualified leads and new customers.

Content marketing managers are able to attract, engage, and convert the people who visit your website into qualified leads for your sales team.

Most of these leads are captured via form submissions on your website. Then the leads are qualified before handing them over to their sales representative.

When you hire a content marketing manager, they will look for ways to increase conversion rates throughout your website. Some ways to do this include:

  • Building trust with more informative and educational content.
  • Incorporating videos into your website pages and blog posts.
  • Offering free downloadable content like brochures and guides.

The more you educate and inform customers about your product or service, the more likely they are to convert on your website and make a purchase.

Save Time & Money

Another great reason to hire a content marketing manger is the amount of time and money you can save by bringing outsourced marketing activities in-house.

If you are hiring a content marketing manger for the first time, chances are you're currently working with an agency to manage your website, digital advertising, creative, social media, etc.

Content marketing managers can save your company thousands of dollars in agency fees by managing these activities directly.

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I hope this article gave you a better understanding of the many reasons to hire a content marketing manager for your business.

As a content marketing manager with more than 13 years of experience, I've seen how impactful this role can be in the success of sales and marketing.

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